Parent Co. is a creative agency and publication with millions of readers all in one.

How do we compare to your PR firm?



Public Relation Firm: $2 - $10 K per month retainer


$750 / month with an annual agreement



PR: Excluding rare cases, your brand will likely only get a backlink or a small mention in a publication – perhaps alongside competitors. 


We craft 60 pieces of content focused entirely on your brand and promote each across our web and social channels.



 PR: You'll be presented to a unknown quantity of consumers that may fluctuate from brand to brand.


Millions of parents around the world read our content every month. Your sponsored content receives premium placement and promotion.



PR: You'll relinquish control to the third-party publication. PR leverage will vary from firm to firm and may impact your brand's image.


You are involved in every stage of the process. We craft content around your unique voice to set you apart from your competitors and define your audience.



PR: Additional paid add-on with social influencer.


Parent Co's reputation as an elevated and informed resource for modern families comes free of charge :)


Some of our brand partners


A sponsored ad package includes

12 editorial pieces and 48 additional promoted assets 


Does your marketing distinguish you from competitors?

Our native ad suites create top-funnel awareness with millions of families.


Native advertising is your flock of chicken-sized horses

Content is exploding exponentially. By 2020, 500% more information will be on the Internet than in 2015.  Marketing frequency is more important than scale. Our elevated content is (most importantly) relevant to readers, reinforces your voice, and aligns with your objectives to distinguish your brand.


Native advertising captures new, targeted audiences.

Social networks' algorithms limit the organic visibility of brand-produced content. (Facebook ≥2%). Who else, besides your company, is talking about your brand? We optimize promotion across all channels to engage specific subsets of our audience.


Native advertising creates customer ZMOT

82% of digital ad-spend in 2015 was spent on middle to bottom funnel distribution. It's almost impossible to attract and retain a clearly defined audience without top funnel marketing. 66% of American millennials said they make purchasing decisions based on brands beliefs.


Half of all consumers are parents

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